House Hannes Schneider
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House Hannes Schneider,
a luxury chalet in Stuben am Arlberg

Welcome to our luxurious and beautifully relaxing “special edition” of the Kristiania Lech in Stuben am Arlberg. Enjoy your own Alpine townhouse at the birthplace of skiing, with some of the world’s finest slopes on your doorstep and with every imaginable comfort inside. Please come in, take off your coat and feel at home!

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The House

Legendary in style. Hannes Schneider was a pioneer of alpine skiing and his technique has shaped the sport even to this present day. House no. 14 in Stuben was where Hannes Schneider was born in 1890. You may still sense some of his infectious skiing passion inside the house. Although the urge to attack the mountain might be great, there’s no pressure at all… You have the whole day to storm the slopes in Schneider’s tracks. Upon your return, in your personal sanctuary (the birthplace of an Austrian legend) you will find everything you could ever wish for - pampering, deep relaxation, phenomenally fine dining and luxury at its finest.

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Luxurious freedom. After a day on the slopes, in fresh powder or on the prepared pistes riding freestyle through the entire Arlberg resort, you can come home to House Hannes Schneider and simply let go. A pre-heated sauna, a steaming bath, a crackling fire, the best hot chocolate in the whole of Arlberg, an aperitif and a highly skilled team, creating a sumptuous tea, all await your return.  Get out of your wet snow things and find a sense of wellbeing, as we take care of your every need in order to make your life perfectly easy.

Summary of amenities

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The place

Stuben and the Arlberg

Beautiful winter sport. Once a place of shelter for travellers and merchants on the difficult journey between Tirol and Vorarlberg, Stuben today is still the welcoming picture-book mountain village it always has been. Throughout the winter months and into May, Stuben’s local mountain, the Albona (one of the most impressive northern slopes in the Alps) guarantees snow. Stuben offers runs for everyone, however it’s spectacular off piste is a must visit for all off piste enthusiasts and all free-riders. Stuben is conveniently located, providing access to the entire Arlberg ski area and in turn hundreds of kilometres of magnificent slopes. So it really comes as no surprise that Stuben was the birthplace of alpine skiing.

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Hannes Schneider

“Europe’s fastest skier”. Hannes Schneider was one of the first people to discover a passion for spending the winter on a pair of skis and to consider snow a sporting challenge. From 1907, at just 17 years of age, he became Arlberg’s first ski instructor, revolutionising skiing with a method based on a system of stemming turns that came to be known as the Arlberg technique. Schneider’s personal style of skiing was very fast and agile, and he had an extraordinary, infectious enthusiasm for movement and acrobatic skill. Known as “Europe’s fastest skier”, he won one international ski race after another.

In 1928 – the same year his namesake Othmar Schneider was born, who was later to become the Austrian Olympic champion and founder of Kristiania Lech – Hannes Schneider, along with the Englishman and skiing pioneer Sir Arnold Lunn, set up the first Arlberg-Kandahar race of Arlberg Ski Club in St. Anton – a combination between downhill racing and slalom. Another legend in the making!

In 1939 Schneider and his family emigrated to the USA, where he took over a ski school in New Hampshire and built up an impressive ski resort in his own style on Mount Cranmore. Schneider died in 1955 in America. Three years earlier, in 1952, Othmar Schneider, by this time no longer simply a namesake but also a friend and skiing protégé of Hannes Schneider, won Austria’s first skiing gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Oslo. It was truly something to celebrate for the skiing pioneer from Stuben!

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Stuben 14
6762 Stuben am Arlberg

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